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Free Support Letters for Gender Affirmation Treatment


If you've reached a point in your transition that you're in need of a letter, let's connect about how I can help break down this barrier. I try to keep the process pretty straightforward because gatekeeping is not in line with my personal values or professional ethics.

I operate as much as possible on the Informed Consent model - under the presumption that you are a self-determined person with insight and awareness about how to use your bodily autonomy. In order to do this within a system that continues to use gatekeeping, I frame letter writing and the assessment as a way of improving outcomes and hope to end each assessment by sharing a new consideration or idea with the individual.


Provider Requirements:

If you're seeking a letter for hormone therapy, you do not need an identified provider. For hormone therapy, Planned Parenthood of Florida operates on the informed consent model and does not require a letter.


If you're seeking a letter for chest surgery (removal or augmentation) or gonadectomy (hysterectomy or orchiectomy), you must have an identified surgeon and ideally had an appointment or consultation with your surgeon.


If you are seeking a letter for facial surgery or genital reconstruction, you must have identified a surgeon and had a surgical consultation prior to the letter-writing assessment session.


For the letter, I must write that you are mentally, emotionally, practically, and financially prepared for the intervention, as well as being aware of the risks, benefits, and implications. This means that it's important for you to have done research in advance regarding what to expect. This is also why I require having a surgeon and consultation in certain circumstances.


I recommend this site to review the guidelines, potential complications, and expected outcomes for the planned intervention (hormones or surgery).


These videos demonstrates the injection process for intramuscular or IM vs. subcutaneous or Sub-Q injections.


For questions to ask during a surgical consult visit here.


For information about variations of chest reconstruction (removal), visit here.


Find information about GoodRx coupons for testosterone, spironolactone, and estradiol.


Here's a bit about my letter-writing process so you can make an informed choice:

You must live in the state of Florida in order for me to meet with you and write your letter.


There is NO therapy required for letters. If you desire ongoing therapy, you can schedule a consultation with me, or I can recommend other providers.


If you read this page and wish to move forward, the first step will be to complete the required forms via my client portal (TheraPlatform). One of these forms is a release of information to be completed with the name of the medical provider with whom the letter is to be addressed. You must include the office/provider name and their fax number/email address. You must complete this ROI in order for me to complete the letter and send it to your provider. 


Once those are complete, we will select a date and time for your letter-writing assessment appointment. You will schedule a half hour appointment. Appointments are scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays only. If this does not meet your schedule, I may refer you to another clinician whose availability may fit better.


The appointment and the letter are done FREE of charge. However, some individuals who are covered by insurance (Cigna, Aetna, Oxford, Oscar Health, United Healthcare) or EAP (including Lyra) benefits choose to go through them in order to “pay it forward.” This choice is completely optional and utilized only in the case where there will be no cost directly to you. If you do have medical insurance or EAP benefits that you would like to share, please let me know.


We will meet for the appointment session through a HIPAA-secure video platform. You will receive the link via email or text (make sure you select that appointment reminders can be sent to you).


Once the letter is complete, I will send it to you via email for final approval. I will send you a final, signed version of the letter and if you designated a provider, I will fax/email them a copy directly.


Please reply when you are ready to schedule an appointment and let me know what your availability tends to be on Mondays and Thursdays.

If you are unable to make your appointment time or find another provider to complete your letter, please let me know asap. If you no show for your appointment, I will be unable to reschedule with you and will refer you to another provider. In addition, this time that was set aside for you could have been used for another individual who is in need of a letter. Please be mindful of this and use courtesy and respect.


Thank you!

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