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Professional Consultation

As a consultant, I can help you to help yourself. The ultimate goal is for use to establish a healthy effective helping relationship where our focus is on the process of experiences or events rather than what is specifically being done. You do not even need to be fully aware of what the issues are in order for me to help you in some way. We can explore this together and identify problem areas that you want to address. 

“The creation of a relationship with the client that permits the client to perceive, understand, and act on the process events that occur in the client's internal and external environment in order to improve the situation as defined by the client.”

Consultation differs from counseling in that it is typically a short-term relationship (1-3 sessions), it does not involve diagnosis of any mental health issues, and focuses solely on one or two wellness concerns. Consultation is not covered by insurance. Consultation requests may come from individuals, those in relation to one another, work or service groups, or other groups of individuals working together. 

Corporate Wellness

With increased pressure to perform, 24/7 digital expectations, and strained work-life balance, you may be facing higher levels of chronic stress than ever before!

While a healthy amount of stress leads to productivity and creativity, chronic stress has been shown to negatively affect everything from your heart rate and blood pressure to your digestive track and immune functioning, leading to higher healthcare costs and emotional burden.

Bolstering resiliency and managing stress in the workplace requires hands-on, clinically proven techniques to manage the impact of stress both on and off the job. Trainings blend relevant education with interactive and real-time experience with practical skills to help participants build long-lasting healthy habits that extend beyond the workplace. The skills learned are not only essential in managing stress, but also for focus, communication, leadership, and self-mastery.

In-person and live online sessions are available for your convenience:

Lunch workshops

Weekly Sessions

Follow-up sessions


Workshops, Seminars, & Professional Development

  • Stress Management

  • Life Balancing/Wellness

  • Choosing the Right Services for You

  • Enneagram

  • Gender & Sexuality Topics

  • Social Justice Topics

  • Interpersonal Topics

  • LGBTQ+ 101

  • Christianity & LGBTQ+ 101

  • Counseling Private Practice

  • and much more!

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