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Christina McGrath Fair, PhD, LMHC
Pronouns: She/Her(s)

# MH 14339

Qualified Supervisor


Professional Interests

I love working with individuals on various concerns and life difficulties. If you are facing challenges related to identity development, sexuality, gender, trauma, sexual wellness, or infertility or perinatal issues, I am here for you. The most important aspect for me is to make a connection with you and build a strong alliance in order to work together towards a more fulfilling future. 

Approach to Therapy

I consider my approach to counseling to be mindful-based cognitive behavioral therapy. This approach blends mindfulness techniques along with CBT techniques to assist you in challenging unhealthy thinking patterns and creating new, more helpful ones. In addition, I work from feminist/multicultural framework. This means that we focus in the here and now, building a strong therapeutic alliance, and you holding the place as the expert on your life and experiences. Learn more about the counseling services I offer on the Counseling Services page.

Approach to Supervision

My primary focus in supervision is to assist in your personal growth and development into the role of counselor. I work from a process/feminist approach, focusing on your experience in the counselor role and the impact clients and sessions have on you. I do this with attention to your developmental level as a counselor in order to give you the appropriate balance of challenge and support. I may implement interventions from various psychotherapy approaches if necessary. Specifically, I utilize a "constructivist" and "IDM" approach to supervision. Read more about these in my Supervision Philosophy on the Supervision Services page.

Approach to Wellness

The most important part to our wellness is balance. I achieve this by making efforts to balance my time and energy between family, work, and social areas of my life. My favorite self-care activities are playing with my children/husband, baking cupcakes, laying out in the sun, knitting, and Netflix.


Please view my online portfolio for more information: 

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