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  1. You will review presentation and all relevant resources, links, and materials
  2. You will complete the exam for the course via the included link
  3. You will complete the course evaluation via the included link  
  4. When you are finished all of these steps and if you have any questions, please email me at to verify a passing score
  5. You will attend a one-hour synchronous meeting via Zoom (Required by the Florida board). Please attend the next scheduled meeting regardless of whether you completed this training material or not. Meetings are scheduled Mondays 12 pm EST - 11/13/2023, 12/11/2023, 1/8/2024, 2/26/2024, 3/11/2024, 4/15/2024, 5/13/2024, 6/10/2024, 7/8/2024, 8/12/2024, 9/9/2024, 10/28/2024, 11/15/2024, 12/9/2024.

Laws & Rules (8 hour)

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